This is 100% a quality retro football kits

I bought the XL manchester united England kit 2022 1992, Originally for my father. BUT, it ended up fitting my husband who is 6’1, roughly 250lbs.

My husband took one look at it when i was opening the package and said «i want that!». lol So i let him try it on, not expecting it to fit well to be honest.

And it fit perfect. Just fitted enough so that its flattering on your figure, but also loose enough that you can wear a white T under it if you want,

or a long sleeve under, and still have room to breath and move comfortably.

The Print, seems to be great quality. I’ve only washed it twice since receiving it. But its held up perfectly. Even in the dryer, on high for 60 mins in a large load of laundry.

The numbers/team logo etc all feel nice and thick, Stitched around the edges nicely. Looks just like it does on my husband and I’s other similar Pats gear.

There’s no way the patches/prints are coming off with the stitching that’s around them. (all but the smaller sized «Manchester united» along the back have a nice thick stitch around them.

But that’s good imo, because of the size of that specific logo, stitching would look weird. And its just not needed.)

Speaking of the stitching, it’s strong. We checked the seams and didn’t find any loose ends, or anything unraveling.

Both before first wear AND after each wash. Even though my husband initially stuck his forearms up in the shirt and gave it a little stretch to see if it did in fact have some stretch to it.

lol (It did have some stretch by the way. Again, exactly like what you would expect in licensed apparel like this. Some give, but holds its shape nicely)

The colors, are nice and vibrant. They match all of the licensed apparel we own perfectly. And i didn’t noticed any fading or bleeding in the wash.

Although its always a good idea to wash new clothes with such pigmented colors like these shirts, with other like colored items.

Just in case. Even the best quality clothes can bleed a little the first few washes. (this didn’t to my knowledge though)

The sizing, As stated before is standard UK Men’s sizing. So, i recommend ordering your usual size,

or maybe one size bigger if you want a very loose fit, maybe to wear over a hoodie? It’s slightly loose fitting. But like all jersey style shirts, they are supposed to have a looser fit.

(not big and floating on you. Just some room to breath and move) And this fit my husband and i didn’t think it would upon ordering like i said before. BUT,

I want to make clear that my husband ALWAYS buy’s his game gear a size or even two bigger. ALWAYS. Because we live in the very northern US. And we have LONG COLD winters,

Snow during the Premier League season here. SO, he layers, And doesn’t want to have to worry about pulling his shirts down if hes bent over working on something or playing with our kid etc.

And he said he doesn’t worry about that at all with this shirt from what he’s told me.

Overall, This is a great quality item. I would definitely recommended to any sports fan to add to their football kits. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. I fully intend to order another one in the near future for Christmas gifts.

So if your on the fence, id say just get it. You will be happy with what you receive for sure. 😉

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