Puffco Plus

They sent me the replacements back in june. I’m still using the first replacement chamber every day with no real issues. While this is not how we normally cover this part under our warranty policy, I am happy to provide a replacement as a courtesy that is one-time deemed defective out of the box. Satisfied with the purchase, I would recommend a friend to buy it, the plus on my own are the dabber, the charge that is fast the steam capacity, very strong at low temperature. The way that is best to use the pouch is to aspirate to full lungs until the battery is disconnected. Thanks for reaching out to Puffco and I am sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some presssing issues with your Puffco unit.

They only care about marketing and pushing cheaply made products with an price tag that is expensive. This company won’t be around much longer. They won’t refund us so let’s all make sure this ongoing company tanks. I have tried all of the pens and keep going back to my puffco. I now own 4 for some reason… Keep a couple going for different flavors. They hit extremely well and are very effective.

I am usually very understand with customer service, herbal vaporizer australia (telegra.ph) having worked in customer service myself for a number of years during college, however this is absolutely unacceptable. 55 minutes so charging your puffco should ever be quicker than. But it’s now become knowledge that is common the chambers don’t last anywhere near the 1-3 months they are supposed to, for the majority of daily medical users. To clarify, the ceramic chambers both went out so I can’t use it anymore. Unfortunately it does tend to have a short life.

Anyone who reads this after me PLEASE…dont be an idiot like me and disregard the customer reviews…..DON’T buy this dab pen. Monday just bought my Puffco Plus last. This is my first vape pen and was recommended this one. The instructions have been followed by me and so far not impressed with this product. They told me that these chambers should typically last about 1 to 3 months in this case 8 days. I would really appreciate if Puffco would send me some replacement that is free after this, because this isn’t right after I paid $100 for this 8 days ago.

The removable ceramic Dart minimizes splash and keeps the concentrate pressed up against the sides of the chamber that is ceramic. The sealed chamber that is conduction vapor upward through the Dart Mouthpiece. This innovative engineering prevents clogging and produces steady, consistent vapor.

I’ve seen reviews that are similar all their stuff. Latex rubber tubing (about 8in.) to the mouthpiece thus enabling me to always keep the pen perpendicular. Also learned to clean and rebuild chambers from available videos. Simple 10 minute procedure that works everytime.

Shoot me a message () with your email address, we’ll make sure that is handled right away. Kaitlyn from support said many ridiculous things, like taking a video to show the chambers not heating ??? This is a nuisance request meant to chase off complaintants, this practice has been used by the insurance companies for over a century. «Depending on the user, chambers will last between one typically and three months». I think most of these battery issues are actually chamber that is faulty.

But you get the feeling they did know these chambers n’t break easy and they wanna control the returns as much as possible. If they had a phone number would too be nice. My advice put very small amount in never clean the bowl just the threads .I cleaned two bowls with qtip and broke both each time. Knowing what I know now I would try another pen one w a customer service number if they really wanna help me so I can hear in there voice . The Puffco Plus mouthpiece combines a loading tool, carb splash and cap guard all in one.

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