New Standard Straight Glass Tube OEM For Arizer Solo Vaporizer Stem Mouthpiece: Buy New Standard Straight Glass Tube OEM For Arizer Solo Vaporizer Stem Mouthpiece at Best Prices in India

It’s also worth noting that the glass mouthpieces from the previous models are fully compatible with Arizer Solo 2 – it’s a way to honor the loyalty of Arizer users. The vapor path is entirely made of glass and the airpath is completely isolated from any plastic or electronic components to further preserve the smooth, pure taste of the vapor. The herbs are not packed in a chamber inside the device. The compartment that is top where you place the herbs and grind them up. From there, it falls down into the lower compartment onto a screen. Any powder that comes through the screen is accumulated in the bottom compartment for convenient access.

The digital screen and precise temperature control are obvious improvements, and the battery was upgraded as well. This is another certain area where the original Solo’s really shine. They are built like tanks and are comparable to the Mighty vaporizer but cheaper. While the glass stems are easy to break it or aren’t careful, they can easily be replaced for cheap if you drop. For years, the Arizer Solo was the undisputed champion when it came to vapor quality at an price point that is affordable.

If you’ve owned a vaporizer before you know how important battery life is. It’s a huge nuisance to have to wait for your vaporizer to charge right as you’re ready to vape. Arizer vaporizers have figured out a conduction/convection mix system that is heating the Solo 2 that works very well. You will consistently pull clouds that are big your herb.

They are also very easy to maintain, simply soak the tubes in the Zeus Cleaning solution for a hassle-free clean. The stems can also be pre-loaded with the help of an Arizer stem cap pack for more convenient vaping on the go. For those into water filtration, the frosted Solo glass tube attachment allows you to hook up the Solo 2 to your favorite water pipe for quick and easy water cooled hits. The glass Aroma Tubes can easily be capped with the supplied silicone caps, allowing the user to pre-load a number of tubes for use while travelling. Arizer vaporizers are known for their all-glass aroma tubes that produce pure, smooth vapour for users to enjoy. It may be hard to believe that the Solo 2 could improve on that, but as soon as you take your first few draws with the Solo 2, you’ll be witnessing those better quality, more vapours that are flavourful.

The very first time you try to insert the tubes, you will get resistance and need to force it. It will be easy to insert every time after after you have forced the tube in the first time. All glass tubes are not identical, some will be tighter, others looser. We find the straight tubes to be a bit tighter and the looser that is curved.

Within TVape he is simply known as the «vaporizer guru» and is happy to answer any and all vaporizer related questions. Kevin works along side his team to review, rate and rank, every cannabis vaporizer box that hits the market. The Solo 2 features temperature control down to the degree that is exact. These two factors make the Solo 2 the obvious winner in this category. You probably don’t want either of these if you really need a discreet portable and this is the most important feature of your future vaporizer something similar to the Davinci Miqro.

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