Magic Wand Vibrators Guide

Magic Wand Vibrators Guidebook

Wand Vibes Guideline: Size Comparison, Dimensions & Opinions

What’s the absolute most ( beneficial wand vibrator? Which will be the just about all strong wand vibrator? If you’re seeking for a infamous gadget which can deliver unforgettable orgasms, after that intimacy model connoisseurs realize to brain upright for the magic wand vibrators.

Doxy Massager 101: Complete Information To Doxy Wands

Hitachi Magic Wand

Back in the day, there was simply one wand vibrator of choice — the Vibratex Hitachi Magic Wand. Hitachi didn’t intend for it to turn out to be applied as a sex toy or vibrator and seriously didn’testosterone want the connection, but it was too late. Women, in particular, had already located better utilizes for the Hitachi Secret Wand than comforting their anxious neck.

As the Hitachi Wonder Wand flew off genuine and online racks all over the world to thrill women and their clits with its strong power, other producers noticed they had been missing a trick. Bunny vibrators were all really properly but the mains powered durability of vibrations from the Hitachi were obtaining a lot of ladies off in three basic actions: 1) plug-in, 2) move on, 3) implement to clit and enjoy an explosive orgasm.

What Are They?

Wand Vibrators, in addition identified mainly because Magic Wand Vibrators, will be vibrators normally made for exterior stimulation just. They have a deal with component which possesses the command buttons, and a mind element, and the head vibrates against you to deliver intimate delight. They can end up being battery electric, rechargeable or mains electric.

Wand vibrators are majorly employed for clitoral stimulation, or penis/testicles/perineum stimulation, but can be used to deliver lustful stimulation to wherever about the physique you desire. I use them for clit stim.

My Wand Vibrator Collection

My personal collection of wand vibrators possesses produced like this:

I started away with the original Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator, which was bought for me from Lovehoney -ooooh, almost certainly about 10 years ago now.


In moment, I actually was offered the LELO SmartWand Medium and Good sized to analysis, consequently they became half of the series.

During my yrs simply because a making love toy specialist, I’ve added various other styles: the Swan Wand, TopCo to brand the number of.

At the ETO Exhibit in 2013 We was magnetically utilized to a stand bearing my outdated beloved, the Hitachi Wonder Wand. But what has been this? Similar, however distinct secret wand vibrators following to it. A very warm and friendly guy on the endure released his brand-new creation, the Doxy Massager -and it seemed to be like at first rumble. I’ve supported, reviewed and collected the Doxy family members since the release, and now private various Original Doxy Massagers, a pair of Doxy Pass away Casts and The Doxy Don (originally Doxy Skittle).

In autumn 2017 We was lucky good enough to add the Doxy Number 3 to my Doxy collection (yes, it’h awesome – examine my assessment).

We’ve kick-started 2018 with a entire sequence of brand-new wand vibrator testimonials, with a emphasis in the Lovehoney wand vibrators. Thus all at as soon as I had been able to compare between the Tokidoki Times Unicorn, Lovehoney USB rechargeable, Lovehoney 8 Performance Miniature, Lovehoney Deluxe Mains Power and the Lovehoney Desire Chargeable Secret Wand Vibrator.

It’t been a buzzing year as a result much.

My Magic Wand Vibrators Collection

Let’h experience a in-depth search in the the magic wand vibrators We own (shown inside of alphabetical buy), and then those reviewed by the Pleasure Screen. You can locate all remarkable wand vibrator assessments at here. The wand vibrators will be on the market to purchase through the back links in the critiques.

The Doxy Die Forged Wand Vibrator

My Doxy Die Throw Wand Vibrator review


The Doxy Die Throw measures 13 in . on general size (deal with methods 9.4 inches of that) with a highest head circumference of 7.5 inches.

Brief summation

More substantial than the Original Doxy Massager, which will be understandable anticipated to the aluminium and titanium entire body alternatively than plastic. Still delivers recognisably powerful Doxy vibrations in a beautiful pass away toss finish in your option of coloring (now out there in black, crimson, crimson, white colored, aluminium and matte black). This do the job of artwork is definitely in my bedside compartment -or normally, beside the bed from my recent ejaculation- at all periods. One of my assured orgasm gadgets.

Original Doxy Massager

My Original Doxy Massager Wand Vibrator analysis


13 ins in duration, with a max mind circumference of 7.5 inches.

Brief conclusion

The original Doxy Massager offers a particular location in my heart (and toy collection, and between my lower limbs) because it seemed to be my first toy from Doxy and the reason I fell in love. The lighter human body -made of plastic material- implies it’h more compact than the Kick the bucket Cast, and the vibrations come to feel in fact even more powerful inside of this version. I definitely adore it. Nevertheless because I likewise like pretty issues, the primary Doxy will be kept in a circumstance, and it’s the Pass away Solid I just use on a regular time frame if hitting for a maximum dimension wand ambiance.

Doxy Number 3 Wand Vibrator

My Doxy Number 3 analysis


The Doxy Number 3 actions 10 in . in duration, with a brain circumference of 5.75 inches.

Brief overview

The Doxy Number 3 run into my globe late 2017 and shook up everything I thought I actually recognized about smaller size wand vibrators. I was disbelieving that Doxy could recreate their personal strength in not necessarily simply a smaller sizing wand but as well one with a metal case. Although not really as rumbly as the larger Doxy Wands, the Range 3 becomes me there every moment. It’t very simple to deal with, being more compact and smaller than the Die Team, and knobs off inside of a good instant with the light-weight upward regulators – excellent for if you’lso are getting a cheeky one. It’s also more compact than the maximum dimensions Doxys, although it’t still a stopper in vibrator. Another one by my cargo area at all periods.

Hot Octopuss Full Bee

My Hot Octopuss Princess or queen Bee overview


The Hot Octopuss California king Bee measures 9 inches in length. it provides a mind diameter of 2.5 inches and a maximum head circumference of 7 inches.

Brief synopsis

Hot Octopuss’ initial doll developed for different structure than the male organ. This bristle-less hairbrush fashion/dimensions wand vibrator includes Scorching Octopuss’ recognized and award-winning pulse platter technology to deliver an really fast tapping feeling to the clitoris (or wherever you wish). An unconventional sensation but one which works for me. A bit of a Marmite sex model – some persons love it, others seriously dislike it. The Hot Octopuss King Bee will be in addition fairly boisterous.

LELO Smart Wand Large

My LELO Smart Wand Huge Vibrator analysis


12 ins in span

Brief overview

Although We savored the LELO Smart Wand Big (and Medium) back in 2012, I find myself incapable to advise LELO sex toys and games any additional scheduled to disagreeing with their ethics.

LELO Smart Wand Medium

My LELO Smart Wand Medium analysis


8.5 inches long, with a maximum head circumference of 5.5 inches.

Brief summation

As with the LELO Smart Wand Large – I locate myself unable to recommend LELO sex gadgets any extra scheduled to disagreeing with their life values.

Lovehoney 8 Function Small Magic Wand Vibrator

My Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Magic Wand Vibrator assessment


The Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Magic Wand Vibrator procedures 7.75 inches in overall duration, and the handle is 5 inches of that.

Brief synopsis

A good £30 battery power wand vibrator by Lovehoney which is effortless to command and possesses a lovely, light-up command fascia. It’s great benefit for cash and might have us to climax, but it’s a a lot of more difficult quest than with my Doxy, O Wand or even Wish Wand. I’in pay out the higher selling price for a new complete sizing & strong wand vibe, in my opinion.

Lovehoney Deluxe Excess Powerful Mains Driven Magic Wand Vibrator

My Lovehoney Deluxe Additional Strong Mains Power Magic Wand Vibrator review


The Lovehoney Deluxe Further Powerful Mains Power Magic Wand Vibrator options 13 in . in overall distance, the deal with computing 9.5 inches of that period. The greatest circumference of the head can be 7.9 inches. This wand vibrator offers a wire as it’t a plug-in fashion; the cable procedures 2.4 metres.

Brief summation

Lovehoney’s key powered wand vibrator really will offer. Astonishingly effective on the leading constant rates of speed. It doesn’p get me personally to ejaculation as quickly as the Desire Wand or the Doxy variety, but it’h a close-run factor. A great decision if you’re into habits and pulses, as this wand features 20 in order to explore and enjoy.

Lovehoney Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator

My Lovehoney Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator evaluation


The Lovehoney Desire Deluxe Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator actions 13 in . in overall duration, with the deal with gauging 9.5 of that. The utmost circumference of the head is certainly 7.9 inches.

Brief brief summary

My absolute preferred Lovehoney wand vibrator hence much. Definitely not only can be it a total measurement wand vibrator, in smooth silicone, a gorgeous strong magenta color, silent and simple to handle, it’t also cordless and even now amazingly powerful! As I possess a assortment of wand vibrators I’ve stashed my Lovehoney Deluxe Further Powerful Mains Powered Wand away and We use this 1 all the period instead. Another one in the ‘by the bed’ lump. Yes, it’t extremely busy lower there right now.If I was going to recommend only one Lovehoney wand vibrator, it would be this one. Becoming therefore powerful as nicely as cordless just simply blows my head (and body).

Tokidoki back button Unicorn Magic Wand Vibrator

My Tokidoki a Unicorn Magic Wand Vibrator analysis


The Tokidoki times Unicorn Magic Wand Vibrator will be 13 inches in overall size, with the handle generating upward 9.5 inches of that.

Brief brief summary

One for the unicorn enthusiasts… This Tokidoki x Unicorn wand will be unapologetically stunning with a cutesy Western styling. The silicone unicorn mind cover is certainly extractible – which is outstanding because while it’h on, We have found it very seriously muffled the vibrations. I want to employ this wand without the unicorn mind handle and take on my The O Wand silicone brain cover up rather, which will be leaner and allows me to appreciate the full power of the vibrations. Nonetheless favor the Lovehoney Wish Wand to this one for useful reasons, but there’s an absense of receiving away from from the truth it’s lovable.

Lovehoney USB Rechargeable Small Magic Wand Vibrator

My Lovehoney USB Rechargeable Tiny Magic Wand Vibrator analysis


The Lovehoney USB Rechargeable Tiny Magic Wand Vibrator actions 7.25 inches in overall period, with the handle part measuring 5.25 inches of that.

Brief overview

Smaller sized than anticipated, but consequently incredibly lovely with it. This small version of a greater Lovehoney Wand Vibrator is USB chargeable which would make for uncomplicated getting and cord-less employ. The scroll wheel had been in addition a great time-saver in uncomplicated functioning… on the other hand, the vibrations just weren’big t upwards to my (undoubtedly expert) wand vibrator needs, as well as they have been extremely buzzy. As a consequence, I don’t apply this wand ambience any extra since reviewing. If you’re a new wand vibrator fan, this a single could appear want benefit for money – but if you continually opt for a larger, extra powerful fashion, you could be lulled into its false overall economy.

Nalone Rechargeable Electrosex Wand Vibrator

My Nalone Rechargeable Electrosex Wand Vibrator assessment


The Nalone Rechargeable Electrosex Wand Vibrator actions methods 8.25 inches in overall span. The mind methods 1.4 ins in period and provides a maximum circumference of 5 ins.

Brief synopsis

I actually like this wireless, rechargeable, light wand vibrator and it works for me every moment. It was a enormous wonder going over this back again in 2014, definitely not simply because of its sizing, and shortage of cord but because I haven’d had brilliant experiences with other Nalone making love gadgets. The Nalone Electrosex Wand offers thuddy vibrations as nicely as nerve-end tingling electro pulses. It’s peaceful, powerful, easy to make use of and definitely delivers.

Hands Power Therapeutic massage Wand Vibrator

My Palm Ability Massage Wand Vibrator overview


The Side Ability Therapeutic massage Wand Vibrator procedures 7.6 inches in time-span and has a maximum mind circumference of 5 inches.

Brief summation

This wand seemed to be another large surprise. I wasn’p expecting much as a consequence to the dimension, but it was knee-tremblingly powerful! I’ve upgraded to the Doxy Number 3 for my small-yet-mighty wand necessities these days, but the BMS electric motor found in this wand (very same company who manufacture the Swan Wand) thrilled me for a long time. The drawbacks? It’h not waterproof and it’s mains powered thus you’lso are somewhat tethered during use. It will be 50 percent the price of a Doxy Variety 3, thus you need to determine which one would turn out to be the ideal fit in for you.

Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator

My Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator overview


The Tantus Rumble Wand Vibrator steps roughly 8.5 inches in overall span, and the head has an estimate circumference of 7.75 inches.

Brief summation

Despite avid Tantus followers insisting that this is a superb wand, and it only features a lighter touch, or you need to study how to love it, I only didn’d receive on with it at almost all. Wasn’p powerful plenty for us, the particular mind was too bendy and typically the mind was basically the worst condition. I can simply speak for myself of lessons, but I don’t price it in all. Would it work for you? Get a extra in-depth information of the Tantus Wand in my evaluation.

The U Wand

My The I Wand Vibrator assessment


The E Wand Vibrator measures 13 ins in general length with the take care of computing 9.75 inches of that. The brain provides a utmost circumference of 7.5 inches.

Brief brief summary

Before We used The E Wand I rather unfairly sacked it as a copycat Doxy, which could in no way expect to hold a candle anticipated to it being cordless and waterproof. How inappropriate seemed to be I?! The O Wand is amazingly rumbly and effective, and the rounded deal with with finger space is usually uncomplicated to carry. I seriously like employing my O Wand and although it doesn’testosterone quite knock my Doxy off the best rung, it’s a near one. The O Wand will be another wand vibrator that’s made it to the by-the-bed easy-reach put. I just possess to bear in mind to keep it recharged up…

Swan Wand Vibrator (in the past the Hands Electricity Recharge)

My Swan Wand Vibrator evaluation


The Swan Wand Vibrator measures 10.25 inches in length, with a maximum circumference of the wider end of 6.75 inches and a optimum circumference of the narrower end of 5 inches. Either stop can as well end up being put (vaginally) as nicely as being employed for exterior enjoyment – upward to 4.5 inches deep.

Brief synopsis

Extremely rumbly and amazingly powerful for a vibrator a little over standard vibe size which will be rechargeable. The Swan Wand by BMS Plant contains their awesome motors, which acquired previously excited me with the Swan Whooper Bunny Vibrator, converting me back again on to rabbit vibes. I love that presently there’h a choice of edges with the Swan Wand, seeing that okay while being able to apply it for alternative or internal employ.

Topco Mains Run Magic Wand Vibrator

My Topco Mains Power Magic Wand Vibrator analysis


The Topco Mains Power Magic Wand Vibrator steps 13 in . in size and offers a 7.5 inch circumference head, similar to the Vibratex Hitachi Wand.

Brief overview

This wand vibrator possesses three options. Off, Low and Large. Or more precisely, Off, Marginally On and The Almost all Ability You’re Proceeding To Receive, Sorry. Seriously definitely not strong plenty of for me; this was a big discontent.

Loving Joy DUA

My Loving Joy DUA overview


The Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibrator just as a wand vibrator actions 7.25 inches in overall time-span with a head circumference of 5.4 inches.

Brief brief summary

Unfortunately the Loving Joy DUA didn’t live up to my expectations as a wand vibrator – it had been much better as a bunny vibrator, incredibly. The neck was basically way also flexible for me, and the strength outcome only didn’capital t match up my latest Loving Delight favorite, the Ability Topic. One for folks who like gentler (relatively than Doxy electric power) vibrations from their wand vibrators, and who enjoy modern intercourse toys and games and a place of rabbit vibrator play too.

Vibratex Hitachi Magic Wand

Click to read my Vibratex Hitachi Magic Wand assessment.


We scored my own Hitachi wand, and it offers an overall period of 12.25 inches, with the handle measuring 9.25 inches of that. The brain features a utmost circumference of 7.5 inches.

Brief summary

The original magic wand. Unfortunately, my Hitachi miraculous wand vibrator provides been relegated to the loft because it’s incompatible withmains energy, seeing as I actually’ve pointed out above. Before I had been informed of this -and a very long moment before Doxy buzzed on to the landscape- it had been my overall perfect intercourse gadget. I consider it’s even so incredibly popular found in the United Expresses, thus it’s value checking out and about if you live Stateside.

Group Magic Wand Vibe Assessments

Adam & Eve Normal rechargeable Magic Massager 2. 0

The Adam & Eve Rechargeable Miracle Massager 2.0 evaluate


13 inch period with a 2.5 inch diameter head.

Brief overview

Although Pleasure Panel reviewer Hella Rude actually relished this vibrator, it has now been recently discontinued. The adding to shop for the analysis recommends you attempt a Doxy Massager alternatively, movie 18+ and I concur!

Adrien Lastic Symphony 10 Full speed Wand Vibrator

The Adrien Lastic Symphony 10 Accelerate Wand Vibrator assessment


The Adrien Lastic Symphony 10 Rate Wand Vibrator actions 8.27 ins in length and 1.46 inches in width.

Brief synopsis

“If you require deep, strong vibration then the Adrien Lastic Symphony 10 Speed Wand Vibrator probably is not the wand for you. However, if you happen to be really very sensitive clitorally subsequently the Adrien Lastic Symphony is a superb, fragile little wand giving a targeted enjoyment. 7/10” -Pleasure Cell reviewer CandySnatch

Bodywand Mains Driven Wand Vibrator

The Bodywand Mains Driven Wand Vibrator assessment


The Bodywand Mains Run Wand Vibrator steps 13 in . in size with a mind circumference of 7.5 inches. The cable is certainly 3 metre distances long.

Brief brief summary

“The Bodywand Mains Powered Wand Vibrator is one of our favourites and probably the most frequently used of all our toy collection. It may not necessarily get the virtually all noiseless or simple, and the ridges along the mind generate it a little of a bitch to clear, but it’s worth the energy. The Physique Wand is one for those times when you would like to acquire a again seating and only dish out some pleasure but nonetheless come to be the one in management. 8.5/10” -Pleasure Section reviewer RedVsBlue

Bondara Blissful Extravagance Pink Magic G Area Wand Vibrator

The Bondara Happy High end Rose Silver Gary the gadget guy Area Wand Vibrator assessment


The Bondara Blissful Luxury Pink Silver Gary the gadget guy Area Wand Vibrator actions 8.5 inches in span with a diameter of 1.6 inches.

Brief summation

“I’d fee the Happy 2 inside 1 9/10. I adored the wand end but g-spot ending left a great deal to come to be wanted.” -Pleasure Panel reviewer Gia

IMO AV Massager Multi-speed Cellular Electricity Wand Vibrator

The IMO AV Massager Multi-speed Wireless Electric power Wand Vibrator analysis


Period is 11.03 inches by 2.16 inches width and 2.16 inches level.

Brief overview

“If you are looking for the perfect doll to take care of all of your vibrator necessities, I would definitely recommend the IMO AV Massager Multi-speed Wireless Electric power Wand Vibrator to you for your bedtime joys. 9/10” -Pleasure Screen reviewer birdcolaw

Consequently Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand / Therefore Divine Wicked Game Wand

The Therefore Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand Vibrator evaluation


Insertable to 8 ins, with a utmost mind circumference of 5.5 inches.

Brief conclusion

“As a wand alone I’d rating the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand Vibrator 9/10. Light and portable, movie 18+ silicon, rumbly, waterproof, toe curling climaxes — all factors I like. But the G-Spot part does nothing at all for me. That indicates general I’d simply offer the Therefore Divine Sweetest Taboo Wonder Wand Vibrator 8/10 — and I’ll in no way work with the g-spot ending again!” -Pleasure -panel reviewer Just Jess

Tracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicone Wand Vibrator

The Tracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicon Wand Vibrator evaluation


The Tracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicone Wand Vibrator options 7 in . in span with a utmost mind circumference of 5 ins.

Brief synopsis

“This Tracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicon Wand Vibrator is great for the quality (especially considering the price), the variety of patterns and the power. I in addition like the gender neutral design. The simply que incluye will be how excessive it is, therefore convert up your tunes! 7/10” -Pleasure Board reviewer Petra Baking pan

Tracy’s Doggie Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator

The Tracy’s Canine Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator evaluation

Brief summary

“It’s a new tough call: I was running to be type and price it a 6, but I only don’t are convinced I’m that wonderful, thus it’s a good 5/10 for me. The Tracy’s Puppy Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator movie 18+ experienced hence very much possible, but the English translation needs refining and the strength simply just is not there, whether you’ve very sensitive or stubborn genitalia.” -Pleasure Section reviewer crimescene

My Wand Vibrator Wishlist

What does the upcoming hold for my wand vibrators collection? I perform have got a little wishlist… wand vibes I’m love to try away and provide my responses in. Conceivably I’ll break some up in specific presents, or they’ll turn out to be sent for review. Or maybe the Pleasure Screen will have them supplied in future examining units… we’ll have to delay and see!

Enjoy browsing the wand vibrators which possess trapped my extravagant mainly because foreseeable future enhancements:

  • Lovehoney Classic Mains Power Magic Wand Vibrator – which looks like a much larger type of my Lovehoney USB Rechargeable Wand which is as well tiny for me, really
  • Fifty Colors Freed Awash with Sensation Mains Wand Vibrator – which seems like another really classy edition of my much-loved Lovehoney Wish Deluxe Wand
  • Fifty Tones of Gray Holy Cow! USB Rechargeable Wand Vibrator – it’h waterproof and cordless, but would it be powerful an adequate amount of for me personally?
  • Motörhead Orgasmatron War Pig Wand Vibrator – Fine hence this looks to become a dark, Motorhead themed Lovehoney Vintage Mains Run, but I only like the style. Behold its awesomeness…
  • Coco de Mer Emmeline USB Rechargeable Pleasure Wand – this looks a little like the Fifty Hues of Grey Holy Cow! Wand Vibrator, but it’h Coco Para Mer so it might be entirely different. I don’p unique substantially from Coco Do Mer since wow, expensive, consequently it would be excellent to find if the particular reality lives up to the particular selling price tag words…
  • Mantric USB Rechargeable Wand Vibrator – I’ve observed the Mantric variety cropping upwards some sort of whole lot more, recently, and would love to attempt their wand vibrator. I’ve no idea if it would work for myself or even not, or perhaps what the electric power amounts will be like.
  • Bodywand Mains Power Wand Vibrator, Bodywand Aqua Therapeutic massage Wand Vibrator and the Bodywand Mains Driven Wand Vibrator Violet (which you’d think would come to be a blue version of the first an individual I mentioned, but it’t not) – it’h quite clean in the this level that We’m a huge enthusiast of wand vibrators, but My partner and i don’capital t have almost any Bodywands! They’lso are some sort of huge name in the wand vibrator world, and We guess my shortage of 1 requirements rectifying as eventually as possible. Would take pleasure in checking a Bodywand to the additional big titles in the market.

If you have any sort of inquiries concerning where and ways to make use of (, you could call us at our own web page.

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