Jigsaw puzzle kids manufacturer Jigsaw puzzle wooden factory

hi everyone a few tips on jigsaw puzzles

with kids just a few handy things that

gives them some strategies for tackling

jigsaw puzzles in a logical kind of a

way first of all get them to put the

corners in first so when you’re doing

the activity we’re suggesting on kids

brain boosters pop the corners together

get them to roll over grab a corner roll

over and pop the corners in first so

four corners four corners in first once

you pop the corners in then get them

doing the straight edges mmm great for

visual discrimination to have a look and

see which pieces have got straight edges

pick all the straight edge pieces out

and then get them to put all the

straight edges in all the way around the

outside and then once you’ve got the

corners and the straight edges in then

tackle all the center part of the Jigsaw puzzle custom

puzzle just another key when you’re

doing jigsaw puzzles watch yourself bite

your tongue and avoid the word no we’re

wanting kids to enjoy the experience of

trial and error we’re wanting them to

realize that there’s not actually a

failure there’s a step towards achieving

so rather than saying no when they try

and put a piece in and it’s not quite in

the right spot so try it another way try

another way hmm try another way and or

even say something like turn it around

so let’s not use the word know when

we’re doing these activities with kids

because basically it implies a failure

and that they didn’t do it right

what we want to imply is this is a step

this trial and error is a great step

towards achieving so have fun with your

dukes or puzzles

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