Best Desktop Vaporizers & Tabletop Vapes Top Brands, Premium Quality, Clear Reviews

At first the Volcano Hybrid can look intimidating but once you start using it, it’ll easily integrate into your lifestyle. With the whip that is new and the upgraded filling chamber, it’s super easy clean, reload, and get it ready for another session. Again, this is a desktop unit that needs to be plugged in so it’s always ready to go when you are.

This just has the three inch silicone whip and that known Arizer vapor quality that kicks once this gets up to temperature. Not only is this a benefit of convenience, but it can also save you big in the long run. No longer will you need to purchase chargers and replacement batteries as they wear out over time, or worse, get lost.

As much as I want to thank you for putting us in here, I have to ask have you seen our Super Surfer. Do you know both the Super and SIlver surfer have a quartz dab dish. A Dr. is had by me Dabber here and for it to be so high is nuts. It can not hook to any rig like a Surfer, the bowl for herbs and dabs is super small and when you have the water filter on and filled with water you must be careful not to tip it.

While not necessarily as popular as they used to be, desktop vaporizers are still the heaviest hitters on the market. Known brands like Storz and Bickel’s Volcano and new, fascinating builds like the Rod that is hot and Ditanium ensure that when you’re at home, you’re getting the best vaporizer for dry weed ( hits possible. For example, the Da Buddha/Silver Surfer vaporizers have customizable glass parts that can be purchased in the aftermarket. The DDave mod for the Arizer EQ is an aftermarket mod that comes with its own bowl, and ability to attach to a water pipe which replaces the cyclone bowl that is main. For some other portables like the Davinci IQ, you’ll have options to switch the mouthpieces, or the IQ’s»flavor chamber» that is rather unique. These mouthpieces can be used as a bubbler, stealth, or an mouthpiece that is elongated also acts as a water pipe adapter.

However, you can also add an optional glass water pipe adapter if you like to vape through some glass. Click here to pick the E-Nano up from my recommended authorized retailer. The downsides are that the baskets don’t too hold up well under heavy use, so you’ll have to replace those. I also recommend that you pick up the Quartz version of the vapexnails. Click here to buy the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Desktop vaporizer.

With the «standard» whip, the whip is held in place by the user while inhaling. However, with a Hands-Free Whip model, the vaporist simply connects the whip to the vaporizer and draws the vapor without holding the whip in place. All our models are backed by outstanding warranties plus a wide selection of attachments and assorted vaporizer parts.

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