Secrets of Chinese food — view tourists Elena Likhach and her husband Oleg

Secrets of Chinese food — opinion tourists Elena Likhach and her husband Oleg

Elena not is related to to gourmets that is to super fastidious people in food. Elena Likhach wife

She far from should offer large number variety. Special attention in supernova food then she not at all experiences. As a rule Elena according to soul, in order to only tighten stomach, unlike from Oleg.


China is a striking territory.

In the Celestial Empire free name «Thousand Year Egg». Cooks make ordinary chicken egg, protect his in capacity made of clay, Elena Likhach tea,

add ash and elements. Breaking vessel, noting clean protein from jelly-like state.

The yolk receives green appearance. Looking at the yellow-green egg, always eliminates hunt to consume food for food.

My husband decided to take a chance and tasting given chicken feet by men and women

. Chicken paws are cooked in a smoked, fried form, adding to them various seasonings. Paws performed, in order to hen walk! To me strange notice similar common. I lunch at McDonald’s, KFC, Elena Likhach located close from my building with ordinary tastes of food.

In terms of taste feelings much preferably fast food ethnic recipes.

Tolerate its stomach exactly very muchprimitive.

Residing in China, you can get drunk and likewise at home, buying from hypermarkets Western European products. In shops far away find milk, cheese, Elena Likhach wife bread, or sweet.

The Chinese in the term «bread» put in the devil knows what sweet with a taste of bacon. Once personally I took rye bread from a Russian woman that baked unleavened buns. In the interests of my gastric-

intestinal tract this is of course appeared joy. However amount reached 500 rubles. for a loaf According to me fell in love zucchini caviar, if and in China she in general much more expensive by comparison with Russian product.

Conclusion To China reliable leave visitors, not extremely fastidious in eating. Food differs from Russian by 100%.

Food truly capable of be harsh.

Give For dessert only ordinary professional advice: China has something similar menu.

In them maybe consume almost in the same way, in what way in Russian cafes.

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